GSE Releases New 1 Meter Module

March 11, 2019, Tucson, AZ – Global Solar Energy is pleased to introduce a new form factor of its flexible PowerFLEX+ solar panel, the FG-M1 55 watt panel. At 1 meter long by a half meter wide, our new FG-M1 is designed to fit more applications such as off-grid, mobile, marine, and RV installations.

Specially designed for rugged off-grid applications, our light weight and flexible PV modules are superior in every way to the traditional, heavy glass-framed and rigid c-Si modules for these applications. With no glass to break or crack, our flexible, low profile modules provide a virtually indestructible, aerodynamic, and high performance solar solution. Our new FG-M1 module offers higher efficiency and performance when partially shaded and at less than ideal angles to the sun, when compared to competitors 

Over-the-road truckers and trucking companies can use the FG-M1 to keep battery banks charged for use during down time, and to provide additional power for onboard electronics, lift gates, APUs, and climate control systems to keep drivers safe and comfortable while parked. In addition, our panels can keep GPS and telematic tracking devices on tractors and trailers operating during extended periods of downtime, and allowing for more efficient fleet management. 

Our new panel is ideal for keeping batteries charged on your RV, toy hauler, or boat while in storage. The 55 watt FG-M1 is designed for use with virtually all 12 volt charge controllers and battery types to maintain the ideal charge, giving you increased battery life and ensuring you are ready to hit the road.