Global Solar Energy Introduces New Continuous Submodule for OEM Customers

Global Solar Energy Introduces New Continuous Submodule for OEM Customers


Tucson, AZ, January 16, 2018 – Global Solar Energy is pleased to announce the launch of a new form factor of its innovative ICI (Integrated Cell Interconnect) submodules for the OEM market. The FG-2SM8 continuous submodule is available in roll form that offers our OEM customers more options for designing and building their unique solar products. Using our new 8-cell, 27 watt submodule as a base, these can be built to a customer’s specification in roll form allowing for integration into more powerful designs, and larger variety of products. 

“With the release of our continuous submodule, we are responding to the demand for more power, and simpler integration into our customers’ products,” explains Greg Decker, Director of Sales and Marketing for Global Solar. “By providing our submodules on a roll, we are able to provide our OEM customer unparalleled flexibility in both power output, and design,” he added. Our new FG-2SM8 submodules can be connected to a length of approximately 6 meters for a total output of over 300 watts. Global Solar will also provide technical support to ensure that our OEM customers are able to integrate our submodules to meet their product’s specific needs.

Along with its popular 8 Watt, 6 and 12 cell submodules, Global Solar is continuing to provide its customers with innovative, lightweight, and flexible options that can be integrated into many different off-grid products from stand alone light poles, to portable USB chargers for personal electronics and small portable devices. 

Global Solar’s ICI technology, Integrated Cell Interconnect, is a new process for connecting CIGS cells that improves design flexibility, increases efficiency and allows more form factors. These attributes make the Solar Submodule well-suited for many portable and flexible applications where conventional, heavy, glass PV modules are not.

About Global Solar Energy
Since its founding in 1996, Global Solar has emerged as the leader in flexible, lightweight Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide (CIGS) thin film solar cell technology.  Global Solar’s thin film solar cells are incorporated into a variety of applications ranging from building applied photovoltaic (BAPV) products to off-grid designs to lightweight portable solar chargers. Global Solar, a subsidiary of Hanergy (the world’s leading CIGS thin film company), manufactures CIGS cells and products in their integrated facility in Tucson, Arizona, USA and distributes worldwide. More information can be found at